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About Ellex.



I reinvent tradition.


Ellex Swavoni is a multi-disciplinary, contemporary artist hailing from Louisville, Ky. As a child, she became enchanted by art toy design and the onslaught of information the internet brought. Throughout her formative years, she taught herself the art of sculpting,  mold making, and other home manufacturing techniques.

She uses her love for toy design, sculpting, ancient spirituality, and graphic design, to create sobering works that speak on her view of the world around her. She captures and translates her experiences into future ancient symbols, music, and minimal abstract works.

Her philosophy: It is the responsibility of artists to translate the human experience into things that the senses can accept even if the mind can’t comprehend. This viewpoint informs her spiritual imagery and Future Ancient style. The Future Ancient style utilizes the visual language from religions across the diaspora to project modern ideologies into the realm of divinity. 

She is currently based in Atlanta, where she is developing a series that proposes the importance of self-bonding and mental health. She will continue to cross-reference the modern ideas and techniques with ancient symbology in her new works, as well as advancing her Fine Art and Industrial Design education. 


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2019 SAGE2, Peter Street Sation, Atlanta, GA


2014 Senior Duo Show, Pence Chowning Gallery, Campbellsville, KY

2018 The Hundo Show, Artlanta/The Bakery ATL/AMFM Summer Festival, Atlanta, GA

2018 What the Truck, Artlanta, Atlanta, GA

2018 Abstract Mind State, Future Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2018 We Are All FDA Future, Future Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2018 Project Nior, Tribesmen, Atlanta, GA

2019 City of Ink 12th Anniversary Show, Peters Street Station, Atlanta, GA

2019 The Secret Garden, Craft Trap, Atlanta, GA

2019 ARTiculate, Mason Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2019 Dead Ringer, Future Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2019 Age of Aquarius, Kuali Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2018 Tim Designs, Keaperbowl Mural, Lead by CFlux

2015 RAGE PAINT, Open Gallery, Louisville, KY

2019 A New Day in the A, Culturebase, MET, Atlanta, GA