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About ellex swavoni



Ellex Swavoni is a multi-disciplinary, contemporary artist haling from Louisville, Ky. She was born in 1992 and as a child she fell in love with art toy design and the onslaught of information the internet brought. Through out her formative years, she taught her self the art of sculpting and mold making. She attended Eastern High School in Louisville, Ky where she was able to freely express her self, due to her open minded teachers. Her passion lead her to become a leader on the school’s Van’s custom culture shoe design team. The team was able to win in the eastern region and land a five day trip to Los Angelos California, all expenses paid. Here she had her first experience in an art gallery, her first interview and her from then on her path was cemented.

She studied graphic design at Campbellsville University, where she held a Track and Field scholarship. Here she sharpened her graphic design skills and further learned the values of symbolism. At this time she became enchanted by ancient symbols and spirituality, specifically the imagery used in West Africa, Egypt, South America, and North America by ancient indigenous peoples.

Her influences include Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Blair Thurman, Sam Flores, Hebru Brantly, Kaws, and Tekashi Murakami. She uses her love for toy design, sculpting, ancient spirituality and graphic design, to create sobering works that speak on her view of the world around her. She captures and translates her experiences into future ancient symbols, music and minimal abstract works.

She says we are using a 5th century language to explain a 21st century experience, and she thinks that’s a crime. Insisting that some experiences can’t be spoken, some philosophies can’t be written. Her philosophy It’s is the responsibility of artists to translate the human experience into things that the senses can accept even if the mind can’t comprehend. This viewpoint informs here spiritual imagery and future ancient style.

She spent a short time as an apprentice with acclaimed sculptor Basil Watson and Eugene Byrd from 2018 to 2019. During this time she was introduced to the art world in Atlanta, Ga, where she currently lives.